About Boom Media

Boom Media is a Kolkata based independent film Production Company founded in 2014 by Sriram Mittal. Before embarking on the grand venture of film-making, Sriram Mittal worked as a financial consultant and corporate advisor.

We have long nurtured a dream of creating a global entertainment company. We felt, the time was right to give shape and structure to this vision. The way we see it, people will not settle for any old stuff; there is too much to choose from, hence as a professional organization, Boom Media becomes vital link in the chain so that people get the best of options available. Our movies will be known for stating universally meaningful stories.

As a content producer across multiple platforms, Boom Media intends to create a library of mainstream content for cinema and television. Projects that will immediately go into production include the Feature film “Dramadol”. We will soon begin work on other film projects.

Boom Media also have plans to promote new talents and intends to establish a content library to exploit new media opportunities via strategic partnerships with upcoming content creators.

We believe that long associations and regular business ensures a solid platform for original thinking and creative content development.